Monday, April 15, 2013

Looking Back

I recently used up the last of the space on my ancient external hard drive. With lots more photos and files to back up, I bought a fancy new one that holds more data than my computer hard drive (time to upgrade!) While waiting for files to transfer, I started looking back at the Aprils of the past, and thought it might be fun to take you on a little walk down memory lane with me.

All photos taken on or around Tax Day.

2006... Farmboy with a four-month old Firstborn.
2007... The Boy with his Dog (Bailey).
2008... Three-month old Baby Sister joins her Big Brother and parents on a trip to see some BIG FISH.
2009... The kiddos having fun with crayons and a butcher-paper covered table.
2010... Farmboy and the kids feeding the fish.
2011... Palm Sunday celebration.
2012... The kids in their new play fort.
And this year... looking so grown up, still the best of friends.
Lest you wrongly get the impression that they are always sweetness and light... this is the unprompted, spontaneous shot that came next.
I'm pretty sure they get it from me.


Anonymous said...

Beth, this is the kind of post I love. It makes me smile to look at the past through your eyes and see how the kids have changed and grown. Perfect way to smile for the day.

P.J. said...

How sweet! They sure do grow up fast. Precious memories.

Rose Victorien said...

de superbes moments
douce journée

Mouse said...

hahahaah ... that last shot is perfect .... made me giggle ... love mouse xxxxx

Natasha said...

Such a treasure those photos you have are.... The last one sure is the best one Haha... Thanks for taking us down memory lane with you. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Heather said...

They are growing up to fast.

Marie said...

Fun to see these pictures and remember with you! I love those two little people who are growing so fast!

Pam in IL said...

Oh, what a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

Jessica Hunt said...

Hahaha that last one REALLY made my night :)

I've been a nanny, a babysitter, a godmother, a Sunday school teacher, and everything in-between. Thus said, your kids are by far some of the coolest kids I've ever met. Thanks for sharing Beth!

Also, if you need a new hard drive for your computer I have an entire Rubbermaid devoted to hard drives. (Eugene brings them home from work like they are candy)Oh the joys of loving a nerd <3