Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmas in October Sale!

For the next week (10/23/13-10/30/13), I will be offering an irresistible opportunity for you to get some early Christmas shopping done!
Hopefully this won't seem too complicated, but here's how it will work...

1. In my etsy shop, choose and add to your cart as many full-price Christmas or Winter-themed designs as you wish (printed patterns only, PDFs are excluded from this sale).

2. For every full-price Christmas or Winter-themed pattern you choose, you may add either one Sale-priced pattern for free (well, okay, I have to charge .20 per etsy's rules), or, one full-price pattern for $3.00.

3. There will be two Christmas in October SALE listings to add to your cart to represent your choice. Please be sure to name the title of the pattern you've chosen in the comments box so that I don't have to hunt you down to find out what you want.

**Do not add the regular listings for the additional pattern, because if you do, it will be a LOT of work to un-do the charges and re-issue an invoice. If you add the regular listing instead of one of the special SALE listings, I will assume you mean to pay the price listed and will proceed as if you don't know about the sale.**

If you have questions, or don't understand my rules, please feel free to send me a convo through etsy, or email me directly.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Is the purchase of the PDF version of a winter/Christmas themed chart included as a regular priced item?