Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Cloud Project

We get a lot of cloudy skies here in the Pacific Northwest. Having lived here my whole life, I've always thought I was immune to getting the Winter blues, but since my first was born, it seems like the darkening skies have been a bit tougher to take. Not because of him... no way... he is my joy and delight. I suspect hormonal changes brought on by a hard pregnancy. And lately, with the return of some adrenal fatigue symptoms, the rainy weather has really pulled me down.

In an effort to change my heart-i-tude, I had an idea... I like taking pictures of clouds, and thought it might be a fun project to try to post daily pictures of my sky throughout this Autumn and Winter. Looking for that silver lining, you might say... a way to find interest in what otherwise might be a gloomy shadow over my poor vitamin D-deprived head (yes, I am taking my daily dose by mouth, but the real thing is always better, isn't it?).

Instead of posting all my photos in my regular blog posts, I added a tab up at the top of the page, where you can click to see the rolling overhead sky. Posts will be simply the date and one picture. Hop on over and say Hello whenever you get a chance.


Fay and Charlette said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Our skies here in south Florida are pretty impressive too, especially the sunsets. The clouds are magnificent.

Pam in IL said...

What a great idea! I love the horizon in your pics too.

Barb said...

This will be so beautiful!