Monday, March 03, 2014

When I Go Treasure Hunting

I never go in with a plan. You really can't these days when out perusing the wares of antique dealers. It seems, at least out here in the West, that all of the good primitives have fallen into a black hole.
Good thing I'm not easily disappointed when it comes to collecting. I tend to favor the ragged and worn.

The more an item shows its history, the better. I love that the cupboard in my kitchen is missing the crown molding along one side where it used to cozy up to a wall... even though the missing molding is on the wrong side for its current home.

Usually, what I'm REALLY after when I go to a big antique show, is some time to be ME with nobody getting hungry or needing help with homework or even cuddle time. Freedom from responsibility goes a very long way to fuel my burners. Especially when I get to surround myself with old things.

Oh, and we can't forget kettle corn. Kettle corn is pretty important too.

This time I came home with three lovely old frames that will show up some day on a pattern cover and a pair of sweet old and completely worthless scissors that wouldn't cut if their life depended on it.
I also hit a jackpot mother-lode of tomato pincushions. Would you believe that I left another half-dozen behind that were almost equally as great? And each one for less than five dollars; a steal these days.
My final treasure- that darling little log cabin trinket box. Stamped on the roof the words, "Whiff of the Cascades", and hand-written on the bottom, "Wood you be my Valentine?" How could she say no to such a sweet overture?
It was an added bonus that I got to spend the day with my Sister in Law. It has been way too long since we spent that much time together just the two of us. Good therapy for the heart.

What do you look for when you go treasure hunting?
Oh... what's that you say? Sampler? Did I forget to tell you about the little sampler?

Why yes I did!

What a horrible friend I am.

And to let you know exactly how much of an imp I can be, I'm tempted to not even say a word more.

But I won't leave you hanging. Because I want you to keep coming back. I like you that much.
I've never seen anything quite like this little stitched piece. Just a simple little design, completely finished with a bit of muslin at the back. I can only imagine that it was a candle mat or wall hanging or perhaps sat on the arm of a chair. Three peacocks with a floral border. No date, no name, no alphabet.
I'm working on charting it up as you read this, and plan to offer it this week as a little freebie chart. Stitched on a higher count linen, it would be perfect as a pincushion or for the cover of a needle book.

Happy now?



Anonymous said...

Oh Beth
what treasures you found
lucky girl you are
oh that freebie coming up
is divine can't wait
Thank You in advance!
have a great day
Darlene North

Wendy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Wish I could have tagged along. I need to stop and visit next time I am out visiting my sister in Canby.

SewAmy said...

I love all your treasures found. Those frames are gorgeous! And I just love an old pair of scissors. I can't wait to see the little sampler redone by you.

Robin said...

What super treasures you found, Beth! Love the little log house! Looking forward to seeing your sampler soon!

Robin in Virginia

Mamka said...

I really like the old stuff and it's not perfect for embroidery. Great!

Elisabetta said...

How many treasures!!! The tomato pincushions are so beautiful and the old frame enviable!!!!

Kathy L. said...

I love your treasures. I am so excited that you plan to share your pretty sampler.


Jennifer M said...

Heavens yes I'm happy now LOL you had me worried a minute:) Love it all, sounds like a banner day Beth and so glad you had a day to be yourself:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a tomato pin cushion collector too... you found some lovelies! All your treasures are just beautiful and look forward to your sampler.


P.J. said...

Love your harvest of tomatoes! The little cabin is very sweet indeed. And how very nice of you to share the little sampler. You had a great treasure hunt; glad you had good company too. :)

Donna G. said...

How fun! I love antique shopping. Can't wait to see the freebie pattern. thanks!

Thoeria said...

What lovely sweet treasures!!

Pam in IL said...

Sounds like you had a great time with you SIL. Lovely treasures you found too.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What wonderful finds and the little sampler looks to be so adorable! Love the cabin Valentine too, how sweet! Glad you had a lovely day antiquing with your SIL.