Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Word About DMC Conversions

I completely understand that many of you prefer to stitch with DMC, either because it is easier to purchase or because it is much more economical for you. I am always available to create conversions for you for any of my designs, past or present. When there is space on the chart cover to include the conversion with the pattern, I often do so, but many times there simply isn't room without adding an additional page. In order to save on cost, I have opted to put in a note saying that a conversion is available upon request. I know that this requires an extra step for you to reach out and ask, but this is what I have found to work best, all things considered.

Many of my customers automatically ask for a DMC conversion to be included with their chart (when purchased directly from me). I am almost always prepared to do so immediately (brand new charts might take an extra day or two as I am busy processing new orders).

I hope that helps you to better understand why I do things the way I do!

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Judy said...

I always appreciate a DMC conversion, Beth. Thank you. The jury is still out for His Eye is on the Sparrow, but I have plenty of time to make a decision. My next project is a large machine pieced/hand quilted quilt.