Sunday, January 10, 2016


When she entered our lives, I wasn't sure I was ready. Just barely feeling recovered from the firstborn, and scared to death of what having a daughter might mean, I wasn't prepared to be swept off of my feet by everything about her. I thought I wanted only boys, but as it turns out, she is just what I needed.

This girl of mine is truly a treasure. She is 100% eight-years-old in every way; she is all about sparkle and rainbows and cute kittens and princesses. She loves to swing and pick flowers and pretend that her babydoll is real. She is quick-witted like her Daddy and a bit sassy like her Mama. She is growing her first batch of freckles on her nose and does not like having her loose teeth pulled. She likes sharing a bedroom with her big brother, but dreams about the day when she can decorate her own room (a big corner hammock for her stuffed animals is high on her "want" list). She is highly social and has a way of drawing kids out and making them feel wanted that blows me away. Her heart is gigantic and she notices people that seem like they might be sad. She absolutely adores her big brother and still wishes that it were possible for siblings to marry each other (although I'm pretty sure she would settle for Legolas Greenleaf if he would have her).

She spends most of her spare time playing make believe in whatever capacity presents itself, weaving elaborate storylines into Minecraft, LEGOs, her upstairs play kitchen or outdoor play fort, leaving no stone unturned. I do believe that this girl could create a BBC-worthy drama out of two sticks and a blade of grass.

She wants to be a chef or baker when she grows up. She refuses to leave socks on her feet for longer than absolutely necessary even in the cold of winter. She is becoming quite good at playing the piano and rarely walks past without playing at least a few bars from one of her songs. She is brave and kind and so so sweet.

I can't imagine my world without this wonderful girl.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, you make me proud to be Mama.


linda said...

She is beautiful and even better, she has a beautiful heart! Enjoy every moment

Vickie said...

What a beautiful post Beth. Your daughter is so very precious. Our 17 year old would take Legolas also. ;)

Jeannine520 said...

I know your heart is bursting full. What a precious, beautiful daughter you've got. Happy birthday to your sweetheart!