Sunday, January 10, 2016

When a Girl Turns 8

When a girl turns 8 and her older brother just had an epic birthday the month before, you might think that she would expect to have a similarly epic birthday and demand equal treatment. But if she is as sweet as they come, she'll just be happy that her brother had an amazing birthday, and only expect some family time and a few presents for herself.

But that would be no fun for her Mama now, would it?

So... when a girl turns 8, there should definitely be a trip to the zoo with a cherished friend and surprisingly active animals considering the cold, cold weather. A visit complete with big cats and pocket gophers and porcupines and elephant ears and hot cocoa.
Then, after the long day's adventure, there should for sure be gigantic gift bags that hold pink polka-dotted babydoll prams.
And there should also be a really boring cardboard box holding a yet-to-be-assembled, but long coveted play kitchen, because five years of asking is just such a long time when you're 8. And of course, since this is a girl's 8th birthday, and since girls are allowed to be overcome by emotions from time to time, this experience should most definitely lead to a heartfelt declaration.

By way of refreshment after such a long and emotional day, there should be an amazing ice cream cake created by her favorite DQ cake decorator, with a candle shaped like the number 8 on top.
And the next day, all of her local family members should pile into a back room at Olive Garden for pasta and cupcakes and presents, while she presides at the head of the table wearing a paper crown with Elsa and Anna on it.
When a girl turns 8 and her celebration is life-changingly amazing, then presedence is surely set, and who knows what on earth could possibly follow it up the next year.

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