Monday, February 15, 2016

Birthday Tea for My Mama

My mom was born on Valentine's Day. She therefore loves everything that is pink and heart-shaped. But most of all, she loves her family, and the gigantic crop of grandkids that is mostly growing within an hour's drive of her front door.

I'm the second of five children and we are all married with at least two kids of our own (my 10 year old being the oldest, but only by a month and a half). So when we all get together, you can imagine the chaos.

One brother and one sister are currently living too far away for more than occasional visits, so when the local siblings decided to surprise my Mama with a birthday tea party for her and her grandkids, the numbers were a little smaller than usual, but still substantial enough for good fun times.

There were tea sandwiches and finger-grabbable fruits and veggies, and even individual mini-cakes.

And I set up a photo booth complete with a few props. Here is a selection of photos from the event that I thought you might enjoy. All photos not taken in the photo booth are by my baby sister Joann (click on her name to go see her beautiful images).

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marly said...

What fun! The smiles on the kids brought one to my crabby face.