Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Market Preview

Are you counting down the days until March 5th? I know I sure am! In just eight days I'll be boarding a plane to take me far away from my little country home. My kids aren't very happy with me for leaving them for so many days, but all of that time with their Daddy will do them good.

I've been super busy getting two new designs and one limited edition kit ready to release at the Needlework Retailer Nashville Market, and I hope you’ll be as excited about them as I am!

In addition to the new designs, I'm rolling out my new cover layout, which I am over-the-moon happy about! No more labor-intensive homespun chart covers… I will slowly begin to convert my older designs to the new look, but for now, just the recent and brand new charts will have this appearance.

If you're itching to get your hands on any or all of these new designs, be sure to let your local needlework shop owner know! Send them up to my suite (619) to stock up for you. I won't be listing them in my etsy shop for direct sale until up to a week after the show; it will depend on how long it takes me to recover from all of the excitement. 

Without further ado, I give you…

The Bird Collection, Part I
Featuring American Goldfinch, Blackheaded Grosbeak, and Mourning Dove

This is the first in a collection that will number at least 12 individual birds (released in groups of 3 or 4) by the time I'm done.

Retail: $12

Feniscowles Hall 1824
A True Story of Happily Ever After… inspired by the unconventional love story of my very own Great- (repeat a few more times) Grandparents.

Includes a full alphabet and number set so that it can be personalized.

Retail: $10

Fruit Basket Pendant Kit (Limited Edition)

Kit includes everything needed to finish the pendant: silk gauze, cotton backing fabric, threads, wooden pendant frame, and black seam binding. Silk gauze pieces measure 5x5 inches. All you will need in order to finish it is time, patience, a needle and scissors.

Please note that 4 weeks after all of the limited kits have been sold, I will be making this design available for purchase as a pattern only (without kit).

Retail: $32


Annie said...

Beth: Your new designs are so beautiful. Those birds have stolen my heart. When will they be in your Etsy shop? I know I will have to stitch all 12.

Anonymous said...

Beth your new designs are just lovely! You have a good time at
market!! I know you will your words are showing your smile!
Darlene North

Beth said...

Am in love with the bird designs! I cross stitch and am a backyard birder so these are the perfect combination of two of my passions!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I am in love with Feniscowles Hall! It is going on top of my list of charts to stitch.

Sherry said...

Your new designs are lovely.