Saturday, April 02, 2016

First Crush

I always want to remember her like this... new batch of freckles across her nose, both proud of her drawing and embarrassed to show that it is of "Legolus", who she loves with all 8 years of her heart.

We've been watching through the J.R.R. Tolkien movies, first the Hobbit trilogy, then the Lord of the Rings set. My three all know that I'm the local expert on all things Tolkien and regularly ask questions about whether or not something is in the books, or for clarification on what/why something is happening. I can hardly wait to read through the books with the kids (up next after we finish the Harry Potter series).

This girl was shocked and so, so, SO sad to find out that Legolas Greenleaf wasn't actually a character in The Hobbit. I like to think that if Tolkien had known about Orlando Bloom, he would have written him into every single one of his books, just to make the girls of America sigh with happiness.

As I tucked her into bed last night, she whispered and giggled in my ear that she also likes Aragorn. And just to make her laugh, I told her that I thought Gandalf was the most handsome. "Really?" she squealed, laughing until she had tears in her eyes. "But I thought you loved Daddy!"

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Marie said...

So sweet!! I love this!