Sunday, April 03, 2016

First Firepit

After last Summer's ban on fires (which started in late June), our firepit was extremely neglected and in need of an overhaul. The ground is sand, which means the weeds pull up rather easy, but also means that they germinate profusely. You could hardly tell where yard ended and sand begun.
I usually tackle this project manually, pulling the weeds by hand. But the severity of the weed problem required that I call in the big guns.
The farmboy rearranged some boulders and scraped the surface with his tractor bucket, helped rake it out, then left me to my devices to finish pulling all the unwelcome guests up by their roots.

Don't let the following photo fool you. These two are still pretty worthless when it comes to weeding. But I did make them return the wheelbarrow and tools to their homes once I was done. 
One sunburnt back (really? on April 2? guess I should know my complexion better by now.) and a collection of very tired and sore muscles later, she was returned to her former glory.
And with the promise of an evening that would remain unseasonably warm, we kicked back and enjoyed to our heart's content.

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