Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eleven Years Going on Forty

This is the year you started outgrowing adults. Your face still sometimes looks like my sweet little boy, but more days than not, I'm seeing glimpses of the adult you will become. Your kind heart and gentle spirit have not changed one bit though. I see the way you look after others, mindful of how they might feel. You check in with those you love sometimes more often than they want, asking them how they are, and how did they sleep, and how has their day been? You ask a lot more clarifying questions than you ever did as a little one; you were always content to take things as they came, but not so much anymore. You want to know the whys and what fors and hows before making a judgement. You're growing up much too quickly for this old Mama's heart to take. I want to keep you little and cuddly for ever and ever. So it did my soul so much good when, just on the eve of 11, you told me, "Mama, you know, some people crave candy or coffee, but I crave hugs". More than happy to comply, my Darling Boy.
Your birthday was a little bit piece-meal and I failed miserably in the camera department, but you still thought that it was one of the best ever and told me "Thank you for such a great day!" several times.

You opted once again, for a big laser tag party instead of receiving a physical gift. All but one of your friends were unable to come because of weather conditions or basketball tournaments, but every single one of your local (old enough to play) cousins were there, and that made for a big enough gang of kids to keep the adults on their toes.
Afterward, there was lunch at Olive Garden with family.
And a much anticipated viewing of Rogue One (lucky kid, they keep releasing Star Wars movies right at your birthday time!). We gave it eight solid thumbs up.
And you, my dearest boy, there aren't enough thumbs in the world to demonstrate just how much you are loved and adored. Happiest of birthdays to you.

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