Friday, December 23, 2016

'Tis the Season

Frost and hail, rain and ice, gloomy clouds and blinding sun.

Finally admitting that the weather is too cold for Converse.

Christmas cards and Christmas lights and Christmas pageants and Christmas movies and Christmas stories read by fireside.

Stitching, always stitching.

A brand new baby, born too early, but oh so sweet; nephew #8. And holding him in my arms didn't give me the aching wish for another baby. Whew... still good with the decision to stop at 2.

A neighbor knocking on my door asking if he could take prego pictures of his girlfriend on our snowy property. Oh yes! And may I please take some pictures of the two of you together? Now fully addicted to snowy photo shoots.

No-school days equal lots of messing up of rooms and video games and "I don't know what to do with myself".

Many decisions were made that turned this holiday season into a much simpler time, much to my delight and also confusion. What? Nothing else to wrap? No more gifts to hurry up and purchase? No more parties to attend? I'm liking the peacefulness, and would like it even more if two of our family members would quit coughing already.

Life is full and sweet and if I'm being completely honest with you all, I can hardly wait until Christmas is over and the clear, clean slate of 2017 is here at last. Perhaps my most favorite time of the year.


leftystitcher said...

Merry Christmas to the Twist family. I love your beautiful pictures! God has blessed you with many talents.

Heritage Hall said...

Your Christmas happiness and photos rubbing off on all of us...
So lovely..... Beautiful Family...

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Beth, what a fabulous assortment of pictures you shared. I love the ones with the frost/ice especially.

Lisa said...

Beautiful sentiments and pictures!
We simplified, too, and it was very peaceful and enjoyable!