Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Market Preview

Well, here it is, Ladies and Gents! My official 2018 Nashville Needlework Market preview. Click on the photo to see it a little larger.

I am now accepting pre-orders, but only through your local needlework shop that will be attending Market. Feel free to flood their inbox and answering machine with requests!

The details: I have 5 new releases this year. Yes, you heard that right, FIVE. Some designers do more, I know, but this is the maximum that I can handle, so hopefully it's enough to keep you happy for awhile.

From left to right:

Prairie Life Sampler (Market Exclusive): $12

Festive Little Fobs Three: Stitching Edition: $10

Thou God Seest Me: $10

Queen Bee Pincushion: $10

Coffee Bean Sampler: the Magical Elixir Series #4: $10

What does "Market Exclusive" mean? It means that this design will only be available through shops that attend Market for the first month. I will not be offering it through my Etsy shop for one month after Market. You will not be able to get it from any shop that did not attend Market for one month. Even my distributors will not have it available for one month. But shops that attend Market can get as many as they want/need, even if that means placing re-orders after Market, that I send via mail. Get the idea?

This is my way of saying THANK YOU to the shop owners who go to the trouble/expense of attending Market instead of staying home and ordering from the comfort of their home or shop. If shop owners did not attend Market in person, then there would be much excitement and enthusiasm lost; networking would not happen; relationships would not blossom. I absolutely LOVE getting to meet and chat with all parts of this cross-stitching industry when I go to Market, but it is expensive and LOTS OF WORK for all involved. Those of us selling and those that go to shop! I know it might sound dreamy to you all that don't get to be there, and don't get me wrong, it is an amazing time, but it is also HARD. So, I will ALWAYS have at least one Market exclusive, and this is both my way, and potentially YOUR way of thanking your local shop owner, by ordering the exclusives through them right away, instead of waiting until it is available to everyone. Okay? Sermon over.  :)

If you are a shop owner viewing this post, there will be an email going out to Market attendees this afternoon or tomorrow, that will include all the details, such as linen, threads, stitch count, etc., to help you prepare your shopping list for Market. Please wait to contact me with pre-orders and questions until you've received that message.

And now, since you've made it this far, here's a video clip in which I give a little more info and show each of the new designs up close and personal:


Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the glimpses of your market releases, Beth!

Kaisievic said...

Lovely designs, Beth.

Mama Joan said...

Great designs, can't wait to get them:)

pj said...

Nice video Beth! You are so sweet! Love the new designs and your collaboration with your daughter! I can see a Needlework bond there and you make her feel special! Safe travels and see you soon!

Elizabeth P said...

Oh My Gosh Beth! First, you are adorable :D Second, I am so in love with everything but especially that Laura Ingalls inspired sampler and the bee pin cushion... I love honey bees! You do such beautiful work... I am so glad I found you in this big bad world of cyberspace! Hugs for now from brrrrr cloudy New Hampshire...

Angie said...

It was nice to see you in person :) Love everything you do! The bee pincushion is my favorite.

Paula said...

Beth, I laughed out loud when I read the coffee bean birthstone part. My 17 year old daughter said "Mom, you need that!" Growing up I was a reader and the Little House books were my absolute all time favorite. If fact, I still have my set of books from over 40 years ago. Of course, I grew up watching the show and loved it. When I saw your sampler I was thrilled. I especially love that you included a quote from Laura later in her life. Best of luck at market. I was love to go one of these days even though I'm not a shop owner.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Penny Houser said...

Beth, love your new designs, they are fabulous and so are you. I wish you much success and safe travels. You are so pretty and I loved watching this video, hope you will do more in the future!!!

Shelly said...

I read every single Laura Ingalls book and in keeping with my penchant for buying samplers that are based on books, I need that sampler! Love that bee pincushion! Hope you blow them away at Market!

Rosella Minuti said...