Monday, August 27, 2007


We are constantly being amazed by the variety of creatures that we find living on our property. Here is another incredible example of the creativity of God! Try clicking on the photo to see more detail.

Lo, and Behold

The 20 month old household toddler that turns his nose up at all vegetables, including potatoes (gasp), loves to eat carrots fresh from the garden!


We once again had a bumper crop of plums this year on the one tree in our orchard that consistently produces fruit. But this variety is of such a juicy nature that they are very difficult to eat fresh without making a mess of fingers, chin, and shirt front. So those that weren't nibbled on by our local toddler or foraging deer, are currently in the pantry fermenting in a giant crock, in hopes of becoming my first batch of homemade plum brandy. I'll let you know in a few months how it tastes!

A Common Occurance

Not necessarily the outfit being common, but more so the position. Our Boy loves being outside so much, and often stands at the door rattling the knob and asking in his own language to go out. This morning at 8:15, with dew still on the ground and he in his pajamas, he took my hand and systematically led me to each door, asking with those pleading eyes to be let out (as if a different door would warrant a different answer!)