Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Grade Field Trip to the City

The nice thing about having a large city just an hour's drive away is that it isn't too far for field tripping. The first grade class got to go to the Newmark Theatre to see Ramona Quimby. Because I was chaperoning and because the third grade class was on a swimming field trip during the same time slot, I let her big brother choose which trip to go on (with permission from the school). He chose wisely (the arts should always win over sports in my opinion), so I got both kiddos with me for the day.

The play was a bit long for the first graders, and I missed a portion of it while I went to put more money in the parking meter, but the third grader in our midst loved it, and the first graders felt so special getting to sit on the first balcony at a real performance.

The cast were very talented and I was impressed at their ability to project their voices over the constant murmur of a theatre full of school kids from all over the metro area.

But my favorite part? The retro costumes straight out of my childhood, of course (of which I have no photos out of respect for the wishes of the theatre operators).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As I edited these photos, I had the Curious George theme song stuck in my head (if you've had children in the past dozen years, you just started singing it too, didn't you?)...

"When everyday (everyday!) is so glorious (glorious!)
then everything (everything!) is so wonderous (wonderous!)
There's more to explore when you open your door
and meet friends like this, you just can't miss (whooooa)
Get curious (curious!) that's marvelous (marvelous!) 
And that's your reward 
You'll never be bored 
If you ask yourself, what is this? 
Like curious, like curious, like Curious George"

I think this should be my theme song for the rest of my life, don't you?
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Monday, May 25, 2015


The youngest had her tonsils and adenoids removed two and a half weeks ago. She is like a brand new person, now that she has healed. Energy levels, appetite, every part of her improved. She had a bout with something tonsil related back in January, and was never the same in the throat. Same thing happened to her brother at the same age. I know tonsillectomies aren't standard anymore, and most pediatricians will try to convince you to put them off, but for both of my kids it was the best possible solution, and I have seen the almost immediate benefits to their health.

Otherwise, much has been the same. School, errands, charting and stitching, filling orders, cooking meals, bathing dirty bodies, cleaning dirty dishes, washing dirty clothes. We are on the final countdown to the last day of school, which is June 5th in our district. None of us can wait! We all have plans and lists of things we want to do together and apart during our free months. Time will tell if we can squeeze it all in.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lovely May

Still cool and mostly damp, but with flowers bursting out in color all over and so much green everywhere.

Except for the front yard, which, after 15 years of moss, clover, and hard freezes, is going through a complete renovation. When I look out the front window, it looks like August, while everywhere else it is still lovely May.
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