Friday, November 02, 2012

Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea

A few days ago I came across a yummy looking recipe on Pinterest. I had none of the specific ingredients on hand, but figured it, like all other recipes I encounter, was more a rule of thumb that could be tweaked, than a law that had to be followed to the letter.

So I did.

Yesterday, on a no-school day, as I sat in a cold house waiting for our chimney guy to fix a leak, I knew it was time to  give it a try.
I didn't have the called-for tea, but I did have some bags of Stash decaf Chai Tea. And as I reached for the bottle of Bourbon in the pantry, my eyes spotted Fireball, just sitting there innocently minding its own business.

But of course!
Tea bag and hot water in the pot and a generous splash of whiskey into my teacup...

Pour in the steeped tea...

 sip... yum.
I still want to give that other recipe a try, but for now, I have the means to stay completely warmed through.


Birdie said...

I'm warmer just looking at it. Great picture details with the steam coming out of the teapot.

suestarmom said...

This looks wonderful. Your photos are excellent, esp the one with all of the steam.

I make a cinnamon vodka that would be awesome in this. My family calls it Dragon's Breath, lol. A year ago I got a great deal on cinnamon sticks and was making flavored booze for gifts. I stuffed about ten cinnamon sticks(3-4 inches long) into a 2/3 full bottle of vodka and let it sit for a few weeks I put a cinnamon stick into each of the 4 oz bottles that I had and then added the vodka and a label for the gift. It was great at the time, and then I forgot about it until sometime last May. My dh grabbed it b/c we were out of cinnamon in for a crockpot applesauce recipe. Those extra months were MAGIC I think. By then the flavor was intense and you almost didn't notice the alcohol until after you sipped a bit of it. It was super easy and I bet would make this even more wonderful. Thought it would be nice to share because it was just SO EASY to make! I love your patterns and your blog!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

My great uncle always put about a teaspoon of whisky into his first cup of tea of the day. Milk and two sugars was how he took it and would give me a sip when my mother wasn't looking! He said it would 'do me good' and I must say, it never did me any harm. I think in the 'olden days' it made you feel warm on cold, wintery days.