Monday, February 24, 2014

Rain with a Chance of Even More Rain

Back to normal in the Pacific Northwest, it would seem. Our mild and unusually dry winter days over and gone. Webbed toes remembering their glory days. This is what we signed up for when we settled the hills and valleys of north western Oregon. I for one am not complaining.

It does tend to get a bit old, but the payoff is well worth it... Green summers, skin that doesn't get tight and itchy, falling asleep to the sound of gurgling and dripping from the eaves and gutters.
Crab Apple Tree :: Crocheted Wool Hat in a Color called Shire :: Beef Stew with Evergreen Rosemary fresh from the Herb Garden :: Valentine Bouquet from the Farmboy :: Grandma's Bird Bath gathering Rain :: Cream and Grounds in my Coffee :: Winter Branches :: Hellebore, the Harbinger of Spring :: the Two Sweetest Kids on the Planet :: Pumpkin Waffles :: Heather :: Rain-soaked Lichen

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

*NEW* Lasting As Eternity (An Antique Sampler Adaptation)

When I spotted this old sampler at a local antique show, I was intrigued by its unfinished state. The sweet little house and phrase were enough to convince me to purchase it, even though it is rather plain. I’ve had it hanging on my wall for a few years now, wondering what on earth I would ever do with it. Finally I realized that I was intended to finish it!

Undated, unsigned, stained, faded, worn, and who knows what happened to the original stitcher that caused her to abandon it before finishing… did the school year end? Did her family run out of money to pay for her education? Did she fall ill? We will never know, but I hope that my additions would meet her approval.

I guess the antique sampler to be from the middle or later half of the 19th century, but don’t have much solid expertise to base that hunch on. I tried to stay true to that time with the motifs and border that I added The quote reads:

Tis religion that can give
Sweetest pleasure while we live
Tis religion must supply
Solid comfort when we die
After death its joy will be Lasting as eternity.

Stitch Count: 226 x 198
Model stitched on Picture This Plus 36ct. Mello using one thread over two strands of linen.

Using flosses from The Gentle Art: 0460 Grecian Gold, 7040 Lexington Green, 7049 Lambswool, 7055 Uniform Blue, 7061 Caramel Corn, 7079 Heirloom Gold, 7082 Piney Woods, 7097 Pecan Pie

This design is now available in my etsy shop, and will be going out to my distributors and the shops on my automatic shipments list soon. If you prefer to bypass etsy and order directly through me, you can send me an email:

Monday, February 17, 2014


That's what she's been calling it, just like that... "Have a good day, my Valentimes" to her Daddy as he left for the day. "I can't wait for my Valentimes Pawty today Mama!" as she bounced around the house all morning. And, "Does Gwandma weally have a Valentimes Birthday?"

I'm inclined to call it Valentimes Day for the rest of my life.
In keeping with our family tradition of avoiding classroom gifts that involve sugar, we browsed amazon together and decided that these were a fun idea...
Armed with a box of 250, some of these bags to stuff them in, and this free tag, we created what might be my favorite contribution to date.
I'm not sure how the 2nd graders' classmates liked them since I wasn't able to make it to their party, but one of them did tell him that he had spoiled her with the gift. I guess that means she liked it?
The kindergarteners all had big delighted eyes, and I'm sure would have been over the top crazy if they had been allowed to open them at school. All the mommies partying along with them would most likely have ended up with twisted ankles and bruised shins though. Best save that level of trouble for home, eh?

Friday, February 14, 2014


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silver Thaw

(sil-ver thaw)
1. a freezing rainstorm.
2. a glassy coating of ice formed on the ground or an exposed surface.
3. glaze.
4. glitter storm.
5. treacherously magical ice world.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Days

I know that for many of you, this winter has been way too long, way too cold, way too white and frozen. But for us, it has been mild. So mild we thought we wouldn't get a chance to play in snow. Western Oregon is known for its mild (rainy) winters, and many love our part of the state for that very reason. Well, we love living in the higher elevations of the Cascade foothills because we get the best of both worlds. In the fourteen years I've lived here there has only been one winter with no measurable snowfall. We thought this would be the second such year.

But then Wednesday morning we woke to just enough for a before-school snowball fight (yes, we still have lights on a few trees in our Christmas patch... why not?).
 Just enough to see bird and kitty tracks leading to the feeder.
And on Thursday the snow settled in for reals, causing schools to let out early and close entirely on Friday. I don't know many people who weren't happy to get a Snow Day. Here's how we spent the long weekend...
We sometimes get snow into March, so there may yet be more fun in store for us, but as I look out the window this morning, all I see is an onslaught of rain melting away all the white. So sad.