Around the World

Inspired by a photograph taken by my sister, I have this funny notion that I would like to collect pictures of my blog header in locations around the world.

Knowing that travel is a far-off dream at best, I would like to enlist you, my blog readers to take me to interesting places. Your backyard, local landmark, the beach, farmer's market, your studio or stitching corner, Mt. Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, a coffee shop in Berlin, a needlework shop in middle USA...

Pose your handheld device, phone, laptop, or other electronic surfing device with my blog header filling the screen in the location(s) of your choosing, then take a picture and send it to me.

Most photos will be posted here on this new page (I reserve the right to with hold any photos from being posted for any reason whatsoever).

If your photo is in accordance with my stated rules, I will reward you with a copy of my exclusive pattern,  I Sew'd My Heart.

This contest is more about the place than the who, so although I will keep track in my own records who sent me what photos, they will be posted here by location only (and optional title, if you choose to give your photo a title).

If you are like me, and don't own a portable internet device, then enlist a friend or family member to help you out! I gave a little thought to the idea of a print-out of my blog header placed in a photo, but quite honestly, it is more about the idea that MY BLOG was OPEN and LIVE at the very moment the photo was taken. Silly me. I realize that you may be limited to wi-fi hot spots and cell tower proximity and such, but this will just challenge your creative juices, eh?

Most of all, have fun with this! No rules, no time limit, just a chance to show off your favorite spots and to see where around the world others might be peeking into my life in Oregon.

1. Sunday Afternoon. Olympia, Washington, USA.

2. Picnic on the Platz. Berlin, Germany.

3. In Between Contractions. Nampa, Idaho, USA.

4. A Cheerful Kitchen. Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

5. Hotel Terrace. Ghent, Belgium.

6. Whole Foods Market. Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA.

7. At the Office (and on the Phone!). Simsbury, Connecticut, USA.

8. Kittens Read Blogs Too. Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA.

9. I Can Smell the Coffee from Here. Portland, Oregon, USA.

10. On My Stitching Chair. Hudson, New Hampshire, USA.

11. With the Butterflies. Cockeysville, Maryland, USA.

12. Two Stitchers Meet. Franklin, Tennessee, USA.

13. Forty Miles from Denali. Mount McKinley, Alaska, USA.

14. Waiting for the Plane. Orlando, Florida, USA.

15. At Grandmother's House. Poland, Ohio, USA.

16. At the Minnesota State Fair. St Paul, Minnesota, USA.

17. Having a Pronto Pup. St Paul, Minnesota, USA.

18. Home of the Carolina Panthers. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

19. Dutch Cocoa on a Crisp Autumn Day. Holland.

20. Street Car and the Ferry Building. San Francisco, California, USA.

21. Bubba Bunny loves Blogs. Kentucky, USA.

22. With the Stitch and Bitch Club. Chicago, Illinois, USA.

23. Her Little Space of Heaven. Nova Scotia, Canada.

24. Parliament House. Canberra, Australia.

25. Autumn Stitcher's Challenge. South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

26. A Cozy Hearth. Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, USA.

27. St. Paul's Lutheran Church. West Allis, Wisconsin, USA.

28. A Savonnerie. Eaglemont Village, Melbourne, Australia.

29. Kindle Fire Christmas. Livonia, Michigan, USA.

30. An Artist's Piano Room. Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

31. Stitching and a Cup of Lady Grey. Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

32. With Jane Austen. Bath, England.

33. With Mr. Darcy. Bath, England.

34. A Cozy Stitching Corner. Cleveland, Georgia, USA.

35. Just Minutes from the Beach. Spain.

36. Wishing to Sail Away. Lago di Garda, Italy.

37. Time for a Little Spring Cleaning. USA.

38. American Quilts Down Under. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

39. National City Christian Church. Washington DC, USA.

40. Madame Muriel, the Travelling Granny. Lowestoft Suffolk, England.

41. Scandinavian Winter. Stockholm, Sweden.

42. Christmas in Sacramento. California, USA.

43. 18 Years and Still Stitching Together. Toledo, Ohio, USA.

44. Blog Reading and the Eurovisie Songfestival. Netherlands.

45. Coffee Break. USA.

46. Buckingham Palace at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Philadelphia, PA, USA.

47. Villa Balcony. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

48. 18th Century Cottage and Garden. Somewhere in England.