Monday, November 25, 2013


"Eternal Father of my soul,
let my first thought today be of You,
let my first impulse be to worship You,
let my first speech be Your name,
let my first action be to kneel before You in prayer...

Yet let me not, when this morning prayer is said,
think my worship ended
and spend the day in forgetfulness of You."

- John Bailie

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Mug Graphics- Hibernation Day

Just in time for winter and the Holidays, I have added two new mug graphics to my available collection. Both were taken from this year's Hibernation Day design.

This one is called "Hibernation Day"...
And this I call "Christmas Reindeer"...
As before, with the Harry Tyler's Lion, Baby Its Cold Outside and Never Let You Go mugs, you can either purchase the graphic through my etsy shop for $5 and take it to your own place to have made into mugs, or you can order completed mugs by contacting me via email (
If you choose to order a finished mug directly through me, I will work up an invoice for you based on where you live, for accurate sales tax and shipping charges. Cost per mug will be $14 plus state tax, and shipping (within the US) is $4.95 for the first mug, $1.50 for each additional mug... don't worry, I'll do all the calculations for you and send an invoice to reflect the total... just wanted to give you the ability to guess a ballpark figure.

These would be perfect for Christmas gifts, or "Just-Because" gifts, or for YOURSELF, to enjoy while you stitch.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Couldn't Resist

I've been a little bored lately with the model I'm working on... Meanwhile, over the past seven weeks, I've been eyeballing Paulette's Mary's Sampler stitch along, and have found myself logging on each Sunday to see what more she's added to the design.

I rarely, if ever, stitch anyone else's design. Not because I don't think there are some highly appealing patterns out there, but I just always seem to be so busy with my own models, and continue to enjoy watching my own work come to life.

Well, I couldn't resist any longer, and finally joined in. I stitched the first seven weeks worth of installments in two evenings...

I can hardly wait until Sunday to get to work on it some more!

Thank you Paulette, from all of us who have itchy fingers. Your design is so sweet and provided just the right amount of diversion for me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


There has been a Continual Riot of Color...
and fun times with Grandma...
The Bulldozer and Farmboy have been hard at play...
we've seen a little bit of Blue Sky...
and a Whole Lot of Rain...
there have been Walks in the Woods...
some Seasonal Stitching...
a Multitude of Mushrooms...
a depleted Garden overrun by Chickens...
Flower Beds putting out one last Burst of Effort...
and best of all, there has been time together...
I am thankful each and every day for the gifts I have been given in family, friends, home, and community (both local and cyber). May you also find thankfulness in the simple moments of your life.

Friday, November 08, 2013

*NEW* Three Little Proverbs

Inspired by all the countless old pieces of needlework that contain snippets from the book of Proverbs, and with a return to a slightly more primitive style, I offer you this little collection of mini samplers. All three designs use the exact same colors, so they are well-suited for grouping together. Included in the booklet are three separate charts plus an all-caps alphabet and number set so that you can customize with your own initials and the date of your choosing.

Proverbs 8:11 (For wisdom is better than rubies...)
Stitch Count: 179 x 86

Proverbs 15:1 (A gentle answer turns away wrath...)
Stitch Count: 65 x 160

Proverbs 17:17 (A friend loveth at all times...)
Stitch Count: 90 x 165

All Models stitched on Weeks Dye Works 40ct. Mocha
Using flosses from The Gentle Art: 0350 Mulberry, 0410 Tarnished Gold, 7007 Cidermill Brown, 7018 Woodrose, 7039 Bayberry, 7061 Caramel Corn, 7080 Endive, 7097 Pecan Pie

This design is now available in my etsy shop, and will be going out to my distributors and the shops on my automatic shipments list soon. If you prefer to bypass etsy and order directly through me, you can send me an email:

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ever Blessed Stitch Along Finish

I finished my version of Ever Blessed! I decided to turn mine into a needle roll. I made it pretty simple, by backing it with a single piece of reproduction cotton. Nothing fancy, just a little invisible hand stitching around the edges, and a long piece of wool whip-stitched to the inside. Oh, and a strip of wool to wrap around and keep it all closed.
How about you? Are you working on yours? I'd love to see your progress photos!

If you're new to this blog, its not too late to join. You still have most of the month to finish if you want it done by Thanksgiving. Click here to be redirected to the Ever Blessed Stitch Along page for rules, the free chart, and pictures of our progress so far.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

I'm a horrible Mother.

I've never taken my kids to a Pumpkin Patch.

I think Pumpkin Patches are boring and lame and all kinds of ridiculous.

I think the Farmer who first thought up the idea of charging people large amounts of money to see his/her animals, ride on hay bales, walk through his corn patch, and choose a pumpkin was freaking brilliant.

Pumpkin Patches are a total racket.

I don't have a strong opinion about this or anything.

When the Kindergartener found out that there would be a field trip to a local Pumpkin Patch, she was over-the-moon excited. Seriously? I didn't get it. But decided to try to keep my opinion to myself and go along just because I love her so much.

The day before, she was so obsessed with anticipation that she whipped out her art supplies and created masterpieces dedicated to fields of pumpkins and riding on hay.
And the actual field trip was everything she hoped it would be and more.

Me? I would have been bored stiff, if I wasn't so caught up in watching her and her classmates run around with silly delighted grins on their faces.
She wanted to go back again the next day.

I said "No, honey, Pumpkin Patches are a once-a-year kind of trip".

Relief for me, disappointment for her.

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to muster up the enthusiasm of a child. Must be those grey hairs creeping into my mane.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Under every tree they gather,
on a bed of emerald green,
leaves showing their true colors,
spreading brilliance around the trunk of their Mother.

Cherry, Maple, Pussywillow, Grape,
Oak, Magnolia, Dogwood.

Leaving the arms that held them in sunshine,
their purpose to feed her, give her life energy
they now go down to enrich her roots,
radiant children in puddles of glorious color.

Monday, November 04, 2013

How We Roll

Dressing up as something/someone other than your usual self can be so very, very fun. Don't you agree?

In our opinion, the one glowing, positive quality of that holiday we celebrate on October 31st.
Otherwise, we're a bit bah-humbug around here. The kiddos both enjoyed dressing up for school parties, but with our still-in-place ban on going door-to-door for candy, they were resigned to a quiet evening at home with family.

But they forgot that they and their cousins had truly amazing Mothers.

Mothers that understand how hard it can be to know that countless friends would be out gathering piles of candy without them. Mothers that know their little hearts that long for adventures. In the dark. And candy.

So what did those really, smart, highly creative Mamas plan?

A headlamp Easter Egg hunt.
Followed closely by a Green Dinosaur Pinata in the woodshop.
By far the best way to gather candy on Halloween, don't you think?

(Okay, you might not think so, and that's okay, I'm not going to mess with your traditions... but our kids were absolutely thrilled with their evening, and were still talking excitedly about it the next day. I'm pretty sure a new tradition had been born.)