Monday, June 30, 2008

I Never Want to Forget

How last evening felt.

We went to the wedding, both kids in tow, hoping that we could stay long enough to eat the dinner that was sure to be very good, but knowing that we would likely have to leave with a crying baby girl. Sure enough, just as the appetizer and cocktail hour was coming to an end, Baby Girl let us know she had had enough.Big Brother, too, was asking to go home, despite the big cake that would follow dinner.

So off we walked, back to the car, through the humid air, and headed home. Sparky's pizza beckoned us, our old standby for those nights when cooking dinner at home just isn't going to happen.

We sat on the back deck, enjoying the cooling air and our Italian Roma pizza with fresh garden greens newly picked. Baby was happy to be home, Big Brother was happy to eat pizza, and we were happy that they were happy!

After our dinner, and the Baby's dinner that followed, there was still an hour to burn before bedtime. And it was just then that the threatening sky turned into a full-blown thunder storm.

There we sat, the four of us, on the back steps, with patio umbrella for shelter, watching, listening, and feeling the storm all around us, rain and all. But the air was warm, and we were dry, and the kids were still happy. And the best part of all was that we sang "Winnie the Pooh" several times over (ever lived with a toddler?), and it didn't feel ridiculous at all to be doing so.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quandary: Solution

Once again, as happens so often lately, this morning I found myself in a quandary. I spent so much time in the past week trying to creatively put together a gift for the wedding we were to attend this evening, that I completely forgot to get a card. Sigh. What to do?

I went to the old stand-by stash of photos and blank card stock to make a home-made photo card. There are lots of beautiful photos in that stack, but just nothing quite "right" for a wedding. Another sigh. I decided to settle on a sunset photo and write something hokey about wishes and sunsets and love.

But then, during a last-minute, once more flip through the pile, that photo that has been passed over SO many times, but that wasn't quite bad enough to throw away, I saw it suddenly in a whole new way. Its poorly composed self gave me inspiration, begging me to take it and make of it something beautiful and unique.

And here it is:

Designed and created by myself, using my new (thank you dearest Matt) cutting knife. It only took me the duration of one 45 minute nap (thank you dearest Girl) to complete (thank you dearest Boy for coloring away there across the table from me oh, so sweetly and quietly).

I can't speak for the happy couple, and have no idea if it suits their tastes, but I for one, am very proud of my creation!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

With My Needle

Here is my latest design, "With My Needle" presented 2 ways. As a framed sampler (this is how it will appear on the pattern booklet):

And as a hanging pinkeep (this is how it will be sold on ebay):

The Dress

The day I found out we were going to have a girl, I have to confess that I was a bit disappointed, since I always pictured my "perfect" family being 2 boys first, THEN a girl. So I headed to the Carter's outlet, sure that I would be disgusted with all of the pink frills. Sure enough, most of the baby girl clothes were too foofy for my taste and I turned to go.

Then, there in the window, I saw it.


I think I even drew my breathe in when I saw it. A beautiful shade of robin's egg blue, with brown smocking. I couldn't have designed it better myself.

Then I saw the price tag. sigh. I couldn't justify the price for my vanity. So I left IT there.

Imagine my sheer delight when, months later, at a baby shower, I was blessed by a dear friend with that exact same dress! She remembered my complaining comment about the styles and prices of girl clothes, and my description of THE DRESS, and decided to go purchase it on the spot. Then she kept it a secret for months while my Girl grew inside me.

And then I waited for the months that it took before She would fit into a 6 month size, periodically pulling it out of the closet and admiring every little detail. Imagining my precious baby girl all dressed up in her finery (and this coming from a non-dresser-upper!).

My wait has ended. And I am more in love with that dress than ever.

Blowing Bubbles

"They" say that kids don't learn to blow bubbles until they are around 3. Here's proof that "they" are wrong:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Donny!

In honor of Donny's 1st birthday (son of my older sister), I tried out a new art form. Here it is... the Donny Collage:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For years now, we have unsuccessfully tried to grow Oriental Poppies. Finally, last year, a few "took", and this year, we have beautiful, giant, happy blooms growing in abundance.

Just Because


Our Firstborn is 2 1/2 years old! Here he is, anticipating eating his half birthday cake (a Whittaker family tradition being carried on). When given an choice between Cherry Chip, Vanilla, and Chocolate, my oh-so-smart boy with absolutely no hesitation, chose Chocolate. :)

Our Girl is now sitting well enough to use her highchair, and has sampled both rice cereal and Zwieback, much to her delight!

For Grandma

I couldn't stop giggling the whole time, but I had to do a photo shoot with Katie wearing a dress and bonnet that my Mama put on me as a baby. The giggles came because she looked so NOT like the way I dress my girl, all ridiculously pink and frilly.

I am apologizing in advance, dear Sweet Girl, for nostalgia is going to appear from time to time in your young life, and you are just going to have to deal with being dressed up in your Mama's old clothes!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandma, a Meathead dog, and just a TEENSY bit of ATTITUDE.

The kids and I have been enjoying a short visit from Grandma Whittaker.

Bailey ended up with an abcess on his head from some knuckleheaded adventure. Here he is recovering from his surgery:

No explanation needed:

5 Month Photo Shoot

I couldn't post JUST ONE photo- they were all SO cute! Here's what our girl is up to:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strawberry Moon Sampler

After several days of working on it (I only get 30 minutes at a time at the most while the kids are awake, which is why I stick with projects that can be abandoned at will!), I am finally finished with my Strawberry Moon Scherenschnitte Sampler. To be offered on ebay this week for purchase by the highest bidder (hint, hint)!

Never Too Young

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

I Have to Share with You

The women in the ebay group that I am a member of (BLESTB) have been an endless source of inspiration to me, both through their encouraging words, and by watching their boundless creativity and artistic ability.

I can't resist sharing this amazingly charming, endearing, and altogether delicious banner for the month of June... created by the lovely Nutmeg, (ebay seller name from_the_magpies_nest).

To see her offerings, along with the rest of the BLESTB girls, go here.

I am honored and constantly amazed that I have been invited and welcomed and considered a part of this talented group.


My Son is obsessed with cake. He talks about it every day, and asks for it often when I ask him what he wants for lunch. I don't even make it that often, and usually for business, not pleasure. I guess I need to take the hint and make a happy day cake once in a while...

Here he is eyeballing my most recent wedding cake. His head looks so tiny next to that enormous base!

And here is the finished product...

Mini Contortionist

I usually have a blanket over Little Missy's chair to soften it for her. The other day, while the blanket was being laundered, she discovered that she had a friend behind her head this whole time, and was entertained for almost 10 minutes by looking at him, until she realized that she was stuck and couldn't figure out how to untangle herself!

Garden Update

Just about everything has germinated, and the rows are starting to show up. And check out that beautiful rhubarb!