Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun with CDs

Like most households today, we have accumulated a stack of used CD-Rs that we no longer need. Several months ago, I decided that they could be a fun toy for our Boy, who loves to stack things. He hadn't played with them for quite a while, so when I recently pulled them out for him, he was very excited. But a few minutes later, he was back asking for more, and all of the dozens of CDs had disappeared. Where on earth had he put them? I started with the kitchen cupboards and drawers, moved on to the couch cushions and toy basket. And where did I finally find them? In the all-too-logical place:

Yup. He "put them away", cramming them in between our DVD collection! That brought quite a laugh from me then, and later from his Daddy. Oh, the mind of a toddler!

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doughtydigest said...

When we ask our kids to put things away, you can almost see the mirth in their eyes. Leave them to themselves, and sometimes they will flat out amaze you at what they can do.