Monday, July 02, 2007

My Love Affair With Coffee

As the morning light streamed in through the window, I couldn't help being inspired by my favorite coffee (Boyds' Espresso Grande) as it sat beside my eager hands. Duly captured on (digital) film.


Denise said...

I've got to mention something a bit humorous about coffee and my adulthood. Now, I've felt like an adult for quite a while. Leaving home, first job, degree, marriage, first "real" job, paying one's water bill, having a child, etc. However I feel like I've settled even deeper into adulthood with this recent activity: instant coffee. Some find it humorous, some shameful, some normal. My parents have always drank Folgers Crystals, and now I've joined their ranks. It's really not so bad. And, it's quick, easy, and has the same caffeine content. :)

doughtydigest said...

I miss my boyd's coffee fix, but not as much as I miss you guys. Whenever I am outdoors hiking through woods, or drinking coffee, I usually think back to those special mornings at your beautiful house. Lots of Love,