Monday, July 30, 2007

Taking a Walk

For those that have visited our home and gone for a walk in our canyon, you well know just how steep the road is going down/up. Hence, it has been a very long time since I have made the jaunt. My Baby is about 28 pounds now, too heavy to carry, and I haven't been confident in his hiking ability and endurance level. But on Saturday, I decided it was time to test his ability. So, we headed down to where his Daddy was busy splitting firewood (with the help of his Dad's gas powered splitter!).

True to his outdoor-loving nature, he had a ball. And the best part? He walked out of the canyon completely on his own power! This house-bound Mama is looking forward to many more hikes in the canyon before summer's end!

Putting on "Daddy eyes"

Wild Huckleberries


Marie said...

I love the pictures -- especially the last one of Jack and the dog!! So cute!!

doughtydigest said...

you are cheating with the gas powered splitter!!! Miss our times at your place, love the photos Beth. I hope we can get out there sometime.