Saturday, December 06, 2008

Additional Festivity

Some final decorating has been gradually happening around here as I find a minute or two. The first in my mini Christmas papercut series, and the one I simply couldn't part with, is now hanging over my stovetop...

The final resting place of my little Christmas sampler (I've moved it 3 times now!), just over the bin table that my Father in Law made, and next to my original Grapevines at the Old Homestead sampler. And who can resist an old wooden bowl full of sweet Clementines?

An old oval tin frame took the place of my sampler beside the mantel; I really needed something a bit heavier to balance the Noel Dancers. I printed an image of a vintage Christmas Tree to fill it. And here also is that promised closer-up photo of the sweater-turned stocking (its the grey one with polar bears and reindeers). Oh, and I can't neglect that sweet little red vintage tin with a handle that I found at Goodwill, and my growing wooden box collection (the bottom one was my Grandma's).

I finally got some Christmas decor up in the kitchen- I figured I might as well, since I spend more time there than most places in the house. I am all about simplicity, so I just put some cedar branches along the top of the windows and hung some paper medallions.

I've decided to embrace the vintage and retro in my life. Living on the far West coast, it is truly a challenge to find the colonial and primitive antiques that I so dearly love, and I have struggled for a long time with feeling like my home just wasn't what I really wanted it to be. But what I have come to realize this year is that I wouldn't be comfortable in my home without some whimsicality, and I'm just not willing to shell out the money necessary to collect primitive antiques, so I embrace all of the eras leading up to today, and my hope is that I can combine them in a way that makes sense and feels comfortable.

So, the medallions are my first creation upon deciding that retro is okay!

And may I introduce you to my new favorite treasure? These make-do Christmas ornaments consist of vintage ribbon, mercury glass beads, and yes, tin can bottoms cut and shaped into bells! Women of all time UNITE! NEST! CREATE! We make the most of what we have, and while always yearning for something more beautiful, we use the gifts that God has given us to provide a warm and hospitable place for ourselves, our husbands, our children, our siblings and parents, neighbors and friends.

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La Donna Welter said...

I love your works throughout your home! Your kitchen window would be my very favorite place (it would sure make doing dishes a lot easier)! : )