Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are you Tired of my Snow Pictures Yet?

Too bad, because here come some more! :)

I wish I could show Little Mister making his very first snow angel, but my battery drained so quickly in the cold that we didn't get any. Methinks there will be plenty more opportunities in the next several days.

Here I go, kids napping, and I'm off to explore in the tallest boots I own. At this point, we had about 11 inches, and I barely kept my boots from filling with fluffy powder snow...

The waterfall and fish pond are looking a bit Creepy:

I love how lacey the Hemlock branches look all coated with snow.

Anyone for a Hot Dog and S'mores roast? I'm sure the firepit is still there...

Lovely in white.

Chain up, put on your tallest boots, and stop in for a visit!


Johnson Family said...

Not tired of snow pictures at all...keep them coming. Glad to see that the injured index finger hasn't hindered your ability to take great pictures! =)

Julie said...

You have a beautiful home with gorgeous scenery!! OMGoodness! I wanna come visit the Twists. :o) I'm sorry about your finger! :o(

mainely stitching said...

I'm on my way! ;)