Saturday, December 20, 2008


The photos I posted last of the snow are starting to look pathetic compared to our current view. We now have 12 inches, and the forecasters are predicting another 9-12. And yet the backyard is chock full of twittering little chickadees, enjoying the snow!

The view through our back doors (through the glass- I'm not opening the doors, nosirree... brrrr!)

I don't think we'll be going anywhere anytime soon...

But we are thankful for John Deere, and the ability to "stay on top" of the snow accumulation on the driveway (plus Matt thinks its fun!).

Someone neglected to bring in the clothesline this Fall...

Not only is the snow providing an obstacle to our mobility (we live on a slightly steep rural road, and there are already a few abandoned cars at the bottom of our hill), but now I have gone and done something completely idiotic and careless. I sliced my index finger on a tin can last night, and apparently quite deeply. It is throbbing, and when I tried to take the bandage off this morning, the bleeding was still prolific. Did I mention that it was my index finger on my RIGHT hand? So much for getting the last of my Christmas stitching and papercutting done; there is at least one person who will be getting a gift certificate instead of a completed gift. And typing with only 9 fingers isn't the easiest either! *sigh*

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