Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Love

I did not have the privelege of knowing the boy that you were.

I didn't share in the adventures of your teenage years.

But I was blessed to meet you while we were still young, in our twenties, with many bright years ahead to share.

And many adventures yet to come...

I love you deeply, with all my heart.


Deb said...

How sweet this sentiment is! Tell him Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

This is darling....for some reason this phrase keeps dancing around in my head:
Grow old with me;
the best is yet to come.

Linda said...

I love your birthday tribute to your husband. Even more, I love the looks on the faces of your husband and your children while they are "reading together". Priceless...

Linda in VA

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Awww! So sweet! The first photo looks like Jack. ;o)

Happy Belated Birthday, Matt!

Jennifer said... sweet. I didn't know my husband when he was little either but I cherish his little boy photos! Here's to a Happy Birthday!

JoJo said...

Beth, I don't often take the time to comment and you don't know me. But I had to mention on this day how much I enjoy your blog, your posts and your pictures.

I'm a rug hooker, not a stitcher, but I love seeing your life in pictures, from your oh-so lovely home to the kids, your husband and your lovely handiwork.

Thank you for sharing your life.