Friday, April 24, 2009

I Like Cutting Things

I love the sound of scissors cutting cloth on the tables at the fabric store.

I love how it feels to run the rotary cutter through a piece of wool.

And I love cutting away little bits of paper with my knife, watching as my design emerges from a single plain sheet of paper.

This will be listed next week on ebay:

I also love stitching the cut pieces back together. :)

This was inspired by a friend, and is being made entirely for myself:


Deb said...

Beth - both your quilt and papercutting look wonderful! Isn't nice to make something for yourself. And I have to ask what type of paper your using for your papercutting. I came across some patterns in my stash and have an overwhelming feeling to try this. I love your!

farmgirl beth said...

Deb... I just use plain old copy paper! After I cut the design, I brush it with coffee or walnut dye a few times, then press it with my old antique iron (for some reason, it works better on paper than a new iron). Some acid free glue, archival backing paper and a frame... instant work of art!

Margaret said...

Oh I just love your cut paper pieces!!!!!!! Nice quilt too!

Nancy said...

Your paper cutting is so pretty, and I like your patchwork too - the plaids combined with the applique pieces are very attractive. I never thought of it before, but I like to hear scissors cutting fabric too.

Cheryl said...

hello! I just noticed that you have my little blog added to your blogroll :) Very flattering. Thanks! What a sweet family you have, wonderful papercutting, etc. Glad to see that things are finally starting to warm up back home (as we come into 100+ here in the Middle East. eeeeps!). xx

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Beth, I love that quilt. When did you start it? Are you just winging it or did you use a pattern?