Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plotting and Scheming

Here in the Cascade foothills, Spring comes a bit more slowly than in the valleys of Oregon. Some early birds that I know already have growing gardens, while we have yet to even till the soil. But our time to plant is almost here, and I spent some time over the weekend doing one of my most favorite yearly things: plotting the vegetable garden.

I have kept every single one of my garden maps since our first in 2001, but the map from last year (the most important one for planning this year's garden!)has disappeared, so I relied on my fuzzy memories of walking the paths with my clingy baby Katie in her sling.

This year, I plan to completely gut my little herb garden, because in the aftermath of two spring pregnancies and two spring infant years, it has become completely overgrown, and infested with weeds and oregano. It isn't in the best location for most herbs, being to the North of the house, and therefore not getting as much sun as many herb-y plants need. So, much of it will be turned into a seasonal garden rather than housing perrennial herbs (which will be relocated to the vicinity of the rock wall where it is much warmer and sunnier).

Oh, my mouth is watering, just Thinking about those fresh veggies that we will be eating in a few months. I can hardly wait!

Caught up in plotting, I then moved on over to my computer, where I charted a brand new sampler that I'm now very excited about stitching up. Its another big one, and quite different from any that I've done previously. AND I also designed a patriotic pinkeep that I need to get stitched up quick for the coming Summer!

The scheming I referred to in the post title is what Matt has been up to, and I don't have any photos to reflect his labors just yet, but he has gathered up a pile of old windows and lumber, and is going to build "me" (we all know it is really for him!) a greenhouse. A little 12 by 8, cute as a bug greenhouse that will allow us to get a jump start on plants next Spring, and maybe even have some greens growing into the early Winter.


Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Can't wait to see the garden and the greenhouse progress, lucky you!

I'm in love with your "With One Accord" design!!

Amy said...

If Matt discovers he could use more old windows for "your" greenhouse Beth . . . craigslist free section constantly offers these for free. FYI