Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beavers, a Boy, and His Dog

Recently, the Boys went down to inspect the Beaver Dam to check up on their progress. At one point this winter, the dam had almost completely washed away from flooding, but true to their nature, our critters have been busy, and are carefully re-building. I still haven't been down to see it myself, but Matt says that the bottom of the canyon has been totally changed, and is having a blast watching his very own live nature preserve in action! (click the links to see previous posts about the beavers).

The Boy has taken to calling Bailey "MY dog". He apparently is no longer the family dog, but belongs to him alone. And don't they look like they are about to cause some trouble?


pammyjo said...

OMGosh! The boy and his dog pics are wonderful. You have a really good eye for photography too. Don't you just feel like you're going to burst with creativity? How do you do it? Thanks for sharing! :o) P

farmgirl beth said...

Thank you, PammyJo... I do love to take photos, and most days have way more creative ideas than I can act upon... But, the photos in this post were actually taken by my dear Husband! I'll be sure to let him know that you like his perspective. :)