Friday, January 15, 2010


Jack has lately been talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. And its a humdinger...

A Paleontologist.

I guess its not THAT out of the ordinary for a little boy to be interested in dinosaurs. But he also wants to be...

A Rockstar.

Said just like that. Alloneword. Rockstar.

And the funny thing, is that I actually believe he could be both things at the same time... don't you?

It all became concrete on our return trip from the beaver dam last Sunday. We were hiking up through the woods to the road, wading through waist-high ferns, when Jack astounded us by suddenly saying, "Hey- these plants are like what Herbivores eat!"

Stunned silence. The boy JUST turned 4. Then, laughter and, "You are ABSOLUTELY right, Jack... how on EARTH did you know that?"

"I learned it from the Paleontologist."

He then went on to tell us exactly what Paelontologists do.

Its inevitable, isn't it, that a little boy will go through a period of time in his life when he thinks that he will never, ever leave home? And better yet, that when he grows up, the woman he will marry is his very own Mother?

This morning, he came to me and said, "Mama, when I grow up and I'm a Paleontologist and a Rockstar, I am going to help you with the chores, and you will be my wife. Because I love you so, so, so, so, much!"

Look out, little girls in the Oregon Trail School District... Jack is growing up quickly and he's a charmer!


Christine Crocker said...

I have to smile at your wonderful Jack.

My grandson is 7 and he,too, wants to be "a Paleontologist and a farmer who invents cool stuff"...he is never without his John Deere hat.

Jack is indeed a handsome charmer, especially in his John Deere hat.

Catherine said...

Too cute! My 5 year old is going to be a stuntman, rockstar, architect! Don't you just love how big they can dream!

joann boswell said...

Hey! Jack is taking after his Auntie Jo! Except I was about 12 or 13, and I wanted to be either an Astronaut, a Rock Star or a Paleontologist (due to my love of Jurassic Park). Oh Jack - truly a kindred spirit.

Marie said...

Oh, my Jack!!! How I love you!

Karan said...

What a sweetheart. :0)

Danny said...