Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jumping Through Hoops

I have been hard at work this last day.

Its been a little frustrating, but work that must be done, nevertheless...

Neither Facebook or etsy allow name changes. Really! So in order to avoid too much confusion, I have had to create entirely new pages for Heartstring Samplery.

If you look over to your right on my sidebar, you will see etsy snapshots for TWO SHOPS... a new one for sampler charts, and the old one for everything else. For the time being, I will continue to operate the old etsy shop, and will stock it with finished goods. I am not certain whether I will keep it open for the long term, but I will at least for now.

Currently, in my original etsy shop, along with some papercuttings and a Blessing Box, there are some charts all made up and ready to go, but with the old logo on the cover. I have greatly reduced the price on these charts! Please help me get rid of the old stock, and add to your stash at a nicely reduced price!

If you are on facebook, you can check out my new fan page here (there is also a button on the sidebar that will transport you).

Thank you for bearing with me...

I'm going to go put my feet up now!


Catherine said...

I can so feel your frustration through the pictures you used of the fussy baby and the woman all worn out! Too funny!

VickieV said...

I know exactly what you mean! it's a real bummer that names can't be changed and if you do I also believe you can't use the same email address either. Double bummer! Anyway, I took advantage of the sale and ordered "With One Accord" which I've loved since I first saw it! Look forward to receiving it.

VickieV (vcv45)