Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was suddenly struck this morning, as I was making my first kennel rounds of the day, that I am currently the caretaker of TWENTY SEVEN dogs. Does that sound absolutely bonkers to you?

It does to me.

Yet here I am, surrounded by four frolicking dogs (the three mamas... Maggie, Jazzi and Sierra, along with our "porch dog" Bailey, with three more in the play yard clamoring for attention and TWENTY pups.

The pups are almost all walking now, and have begun to experiment with their voices. In between naps and milk breaks, we often hear "rrrrrrrr-rowf!" followed by a "yip!" as someone made an attempt at pouncing on someone else. They are still quite unsteady on their paws, and spend just about as much time toppling over as they do standing.

And there is nothing quite like peeking in at mealtime and seeing a row of fat little nursing bodies attached to wagging tails.

We are nearing the halfway mark, the point when our list of waiting families get to choose and place a deposit on their pup. It is sure to be both exciting (hooray!) and disappointing (boo!), since there is no way to custom order a litter to suit everyone (we wish we could!). But with even more people poised on the waiting lists, we are sure that there will be TWENTY happy homes when May rolls around.


Alice said...

I envy you all that puppy love! I'm off to go love my silly Saluki.

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of 10 lab puppies. All the fun and work. Back to loving on our 3 labbies after their walk and stitching.

Peggy Lee said...

Did you see the story on teevee this morning about the dog who had 18 pups? Whoa!!!

Ronda said...

Adorable...all 27 of them!

Debbie said...

Hey Beth! Thank you for posting pictures of all the puppies. I can tell by the pictures they are very well cared for!
By well cared for, our big Otis is lying next to me snoring, and I am in heaven! Love, Deb

Catherine said...

Great pics! I'm lovin' all the pups!