Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful for Kerosene and Generators

Yesterday afternoon, a storm front blew through, bringing winds up to 70 miles per hour and driving rain. It was a rather short blast, only lasting about an hour, but it knocked power out to thousands of homes in the area.

We lost power around 3 yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't restored until 6 am. There are still many in our county that are without power as I type this.

It wouldn't have been much of a deal for us on a normal night. We have wood heat and a small collection of old footed glass oil lamps that are always ready to light. But this time around, there are puppies to keep warm too. They are still young enough that they need a steady 80 degree environment. So my in-laws came to the rescue with a generator that kept the kennel warm all night, and also gave us a chance to watch part of our favorite Sunday evening show with the kids (AFV, of course!).

If you click on the second photo, you will get a larger version that I custom sized to fit your flat screen as wallpaper. Feel free to take a copy, but only for personal use, please!

Speaking of puppies, last week was a tough one, with five struggling puppies that we were feeding with a dropper. We lost four of them. We know that we did everything we could to keep them alive, but it would seem that they had issues in the womb that they weren't able to overcome. Being our first litter (Maggie's), it was a shock to our systems. I don't cry very often, but I did shed tears for the families that were hoping to take them home, and for the injustice of puppies born only to suffer and die. We have so many wonderful customers; more customers than puppies, and losing four made the ratio of pups to homes even lower. The good news is that the fifth puppy seems to finally be winning the battle, gaining a few ounces this weekend, and showing signs of being able to nurse on her own.

And even more good news... on Wednesday, in the midst of a visit from my Parents and Grandma, and feeding sick puppies, Jazzi had a litter of NINE puppies. We won't call their colors officially until they are pretty close to time to go to their new homes, as they can develop pigment in that time, but we are pretty confident that the majority of them will be able to claim a rare color: white.


Terri said...

Awwwww, poor puppies. How sad when they don't make it. As to the new litter...I have dibs on the one laying on its back. What a cute picture!

Debbie said...

Beth, how is Maggie doing after losing her pup's? I feel so badly for you, it is hard work hand feeding and then losing them. I have another Children's book I'm going to send the kids. I think it is called Dog Heaven. It's is wonderful. Love, Deb

Catherine said...

Beth, I'm so sorry to hear about the pups...glad to hear the fifth one is doing better.

Love your lamps! I have a collection of lamps as well - some very similar to yours. And yes, I use mine too - the neighbors always ask how I have light when the power is out! :)

marly said...

Sorry for your loss. You did all you could for them. I dropper fed a few sick newborn kittens (strays) and I did not know not to feed them on their backs. I should have called a breeder for information instead of a clerk at the pet store. I hope Maggie is doing well.