Thursday, April 12, 2012

Facing Fears

My sweet little munschkin had her very first dental checkup this week. She has been in that room every six months since she was born, playing with toys in the corner while I (and a few years later her brother) got teeth cleaned.

But this time it was her turn to sit in that big chair. And she was scared.
Doesn't that face just kill you?

Guess what the two Mamas in the room decided would be the best method for the remainder of the visit?
Every so often, I felt a tear drip down onto my chest. But they were silent tears, big old crocodile I'm-battling-my-fears tears.

She was so brave, even giggling once in awhile, when she realized that she had been afraid of some tool for no reason.

And by the time Dr. Jim arrived for a final peek, she handled it like a pro.
A tiny pro, in that big, big chair, with those big, big sunglasses. But a pro, nonetheless.

And for the record... neither her or her brother had any cavities. Hooray for strong teeth!


Jen said...

Auntie Mama is so proud of you big those teeth are gonna sparkle as much as your sweet self! You are sooooo brave!

Sarah Beth said...

Awe. Give her a big hug from me. She was a brave girl. I liked the idea of the sunglasses and her laying on top of you. So sweet.

gracie said...

Just too darn adorable.

MoonBeam said...

Again, priceless!


Mouse said...

awwww well done little one :) big hug for you from a wee mouse (been a dental nurse my self years ago ...) love mouse xxxx

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Aww, those sweet, tear filled eyes - so sweet!

heather said...

Been there. My youngest needed me to hold her too on her first dental appointment. It works so well.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

adorable et courage !

bisous de France

HomeSpunPrims said...

Beth, Seems like yesterday she was a baby! She is adorable and a very brave girl. Hugs, Lori