Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If I was one of the Swallows swooping about looking for a home in the acres around our house (so many this year!),

I wouldn't go for the new construction these two seem interested in (yes, there are two swallows in this photo, can you spot the second?),
I wouldn't take a second look at the home dangling from the branches,
I'd steer clear of the home downstairs from Mr. Squirrel, for sure!
I wouldn't even want the one surrounded by an orchard of flowers (although it would certainly give me pause),
I'd avoid the ancient home on its last legs, despite the promise of cool barn eaves on hot Summer days.
Nope, I would settle myself and my soon-to-be family near the heart of a gnarly old moss-ridden Alder.
True story.


Melissa said...

Thank you for the lovely post Beth. The photos are simply beautiful! My favourite is also the mossy alder tree.

Sarah Beth said...

Love that post. So creative and the photography perfect like always.

Shirlee said...

Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed seeing them!