Monday, April 09, 2012


Good morning Chiclets! Your pattern orders kept me hopping like a bunny all weekend... a huge, resounding THANK YOU! I never know when a particular design is going to strike a chord with the stitching world, and Never Let You Go certainly has. I am honored that you like it as much as you do.
I hope you had a truly lovely Easter Sunday with whomever and wherever you were. After a not-so-great start... literally... our car wouldn't start... we piled up, in our Resurrection Day finery, like a bunch of hill-billies in the cab of our pickup truck, and rumbled off to church.
I love celebrating with my church family on Easter Sunday. It just feels right in my bones, to be together, singing and celebrating on such a meaningful day.
Back we went, stacked like cord-wood into the pickup, for a bouncy and cuddly drive to spend the afternoon with family.
There was BLUE SKY AND SUNSHINE, lots of yummy food, kiddos scampering about searching for Daddy-hid eggs... did I mention that they were scampering about in the sunshine?

Other than a bunch of Oregonians being suddenly inundated with an exuberant bursting-forth of pollen particles, it was a perfectly perfect day.
Family... celebrating... LIFE ETERNAL... sunshine... laughter... talk of tilling and planting and baby chicks... did I mention laughter?  Behold, it was good.
It was like the global and Heavenly celebration of our Redemption was resonating in the very air, wrapping our souls in a warm, boisterous hug.

The absence of our dearly loved one was bittersweet, knowing that he would have enjoyed the day so very much, but also knowing that his celebration was joined with ours, but from a much better Place.

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