Thursday, August 22, 2013


My Daughter, the one with the sweetly innocent face and charming giggle. The one that rarely mis-behaves but is prone to leaving large messes in her ever-moving wake. The one that loves to cuddle and help with chores and make large pretend meals to share with anyone who is willing. That same Girl is developing quite the sense of humor.

I was preparing to make Bread and Butter Pickles last week and stepped out of the kitchen for a few brief moments. Do you see what I found when I came back?

Look closer.
Yes. That's my Girl. Her sense of humor is genetic.

Still don't see it? That's a little plastic cucumber that she snuck onto my stack. Then she stood watching from the other room and waited for my reaction. When I said, "Hey, who put a plastic pickle on my pile?", she came skipping into the room with a twinkle in her eye, giggling. "I wanted to twick you, Mama", she said.

She thinks she's so funny.

And you know what? She really is.


Diane said...

Love it-looks like a "twick"le pickle to me! Now that's the kind of sweet memory that needs to be canned and preserved forever!
Diane Grick
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linda said...

Sweet girl!

gracie said...

What a joy she must be! I love bread and butter pickles... are they difficult to make?

judy said...

That's awesome. May I borrow her for an afternoon? :-)

P.J. said...

Love the sweet, simple humor of a child. They make you giggle all over. One of my favorite jokes is from when I was a kid... Just plain silly. :)

Pam in IL said...

What a lovely little surprise!

Sandra said...

She definitely has a unique sense of humor. I know it is wonderful spending your days with her.
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