Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Timothy Lake

A few weekends ago we took a day trip to a nearby lake. Driving there in the Farmboy's Jeep with the top removed turned it into an even better, although windy, adventure.
Just a few miles up the highway, the views of our very own Mt. Hood are spectacular.
Once at the lake, we hiked in to a more secluded spot away from the crowded day use area. Our dear friends were camping there and let us crash their party for the day.
Come dinner time, smoke began wafting across the water from all the neighboring camp sites... there aren't many things that taste better than a hot dog cooked over fire in the fresh outdoor air.
And there aren't many better places to be caught stitching.
This smart Mama remembered to pack the mummy bags for the chilly return trip home.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else on this whole glorious planet Earth.


Chris said...

Such a beautiful place and a special day out.

Patti said...

WoW! Lovely!
This flat lander just realized how high up in elevation you live :)
Blessings, Patti

Sandra said...

What a wonderful family day. Great memory maker.
Homespun Elegance