Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Summer Beach Trip

For our family, a beach trip just wouldn't be the same without first stopping to get breakfast at Camp 18. The old logging camp is now a restaurant, famous for gigantic pancakes and even more gigantic timber beams to hold the place together.
Our destination was Cannon Beach, home of Haystack Rock.
It was a sunny day and warm enough to be comfortable. A kite-flying breezy day, it was also sand and hair-flying weather.
No one minded the wind too much, but we were all glad that we wore our sweatshirts and I was thankful for my scarf. A day at the Oregon coast would seem strange if it was warm with still air.
My parents met us at the beach, bringing a few cousins along for some play time.
Before heading back over the Coast Range, we took a side trip up the coast to Fort Clatsop. Its a  replica of the place where Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery spent that long and dreary winter of 1805-1806. All Summer they have costumed re-enactors on site that are full of interesting tidbits.
And that was that. One day. There and back. We wish it could have been longer, but Summer is winding to a close much too quickly, it seems, and time for long and relaxing family trips are at an end... for now.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Looks like a wonderful family day, Beth!

una sognatrice newyorkese said...

I'm from New York, my husband came last year to Oregon in the summer and he said was cold.... When gets hot enough for you guys to go inside the water?
Anyways he said that is beautiful there!!
Nice pictures!!

Sandra said...

Looks like such a fun trip! We finally get to go on our vacation the week of Sept 7 - 14. We will be going to Emerald Isle, NC, a wonderful family beach. Not much to do but sit on the beach, read as much as possible, eat wonderful seafood, and enjoy our family. Can't wait.
Homespun Elegance

marly said...

What a beautiful beach. And rock!

Anonymous said...

As always, Beth, your pictures are beautiful and speak volumes. A day at the beach with the husband and kids! What could be better?

Penny said...

Looks like a beautiful day at the beach!!! A great way to end the summer..... Love the look on your little girl's face with her BIG plate of food!! Hard to believe how chilly it looks there, when we are still having hazy, hot and humid weather here on the east coast!!

P.J. said...

Any day at the beach is a great day. Looks like a great family outing. Digging the Camp 18 restaurant and the L & C encampment.

Simply Victoria said...

Amazing photos of a great family trip!

Gillie said...

Love Cannon Beach, we joined family there a couple of years ago for a much too short long weekend! I have a picture of the haystacks as the background to my blog.