Monday, February 02, 2015


It has been unseasonably warm around here lately. We went for an entire week without lighting a fire in the woodstove. We did still have to use our central heating, but it was *just* warm enough that a fire would get the house too hot too quickly. I missed having a fire. Which is why I was happy for the rain and wind today.

I have finally put the last remnants of Christmas away, and even did a fair amount of organizing in my office/catchall room over the weekend. Somehow it is so much easier to relax and breathe when there isn't a massive mess hanging above ones' head (literally... the office is upstairs).

I also had my hair cut for the first time since July, and had someone out to tune and assess repair needs for my piano for the first time in probably 20 years... there were a few moments of thinking it was going to fall apart under the tuner's hands. What relief when it was discovered that there was a row of loose screws that tightened things back up nicely.

We are tentatively holding onto good health, with just a little sniffle or sore throat here and there. After our November full of doctor's appointments, I'll take a normal old head cold any day. The warmer days aren't helping in the health department though; along with way-too-early blooming flowers and bugs galore, there have also been a corresponding blooming of allergy symptoms. I'm praying for a good cold snap to settle everything down again. You East-coasters can feel free to blow some of that snow our way any time. Our landscape is very confused.

I have fun things to announce and show later this week (fingers crossed), so stay tuned!
Winter Branches :: Fluffy :: Dew Drops :: Out of Tune :: Kitty Love :: Hello, Son :: Match Made in Heaven :: Woodsy :: Stacked :: Elsa's Head Fell Off :: Forest Floor :: Spider Lace :: Mossy :: Blue :: A New Skill :: They Don't Look Angry to Me :: Bubbles :: Beams :: Buds :: Peek-a-Boo :: George and the Too Early Blooms :: Perch :: Look Closely :: Nearly Finished


Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous photos, thank you so much for sharing.

Thoeria said...

Always love your photos :)

Lisa said...

Love your photos! The sampler in the last photo looks very interesting...

Cold snap? I would happily share ours... It is currently 12º with a -5º windchill!

Cold weather is good for allowing me time to stitch, so I am looking on the bright side - for now!

Marlene said...

I always love your photos! Thank you. I realllllllly like your cute gnome. You live in a very lovely place.