Thursday, May 07, 2015

9 Reasons Why First Graders are the Best

1. They aren't afraid to try drawing new things.
2. They are proud of their artwork, even if their spotted owl looks like a white blob with black spots.
3. They get to illustrate new concepts at school for the benefit of their whole family, and don't mind extrapolating from the intended content a little (note the upside-down "brid" saying "tweeeeeeeeeet").
4. They are completely unashamed of their vivid imaginations.
5. They put eyelashes on almost everything.
6. Bright colors make them happy.
7. If a drawing includes the sun, it is imperative that it is a smiling sun.
8. They are completely unashamed of their atrocious spelling.
9. Need I say any more?


Penny said...

There is nothing like a childs artwork. This is all so cute!

Jennifer M said...

Perfectly wonderful:)))

Melinda Lewis said...

Oh my! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this! Reminds me of my granddaughter's "miskeedo" picture. These are so dear and I hope you keep these forever. You may just want to "bild a ice cassill" someday. Thanks so much for sharing.