Saturday, May 21, 2016

2015-16 School Photos

Our new school is a web-based charter and therefore a large percentage of its students don't go to campus for classes like we do. Classes on campus are optional and are mostly electives. We only live eight miles away, so we're there every time the doors are open (two days a week).

One down-side that I didn't realize until too late was the fact that they don't bother to bring in an official photographer for school pictures, since most of their students are off site.

Which made me really sad, since I've always wanted to fill in one of those frames that holds all of the school year pictures over the course of a kids' education. You know the ones, right?

So what did I do? I bought some lights and a backdrop and did it myself! I wish I had done it sooner so it showed what they looked like at the beginning of the school year, but at least it's done, and now I have the means to keep doing it in future years.

And if I do say so myself, they turned out pretty darn good.


Robin in Virginia said...

Fantastic shots of the kids! I can't get over how they have grown.

Paula Lima said...

In Portugal all kids go to school. Once there was a public tv channel devoted to school but it ended. Each year I do believe pictures are taken. I still keep mine from the primary years (40 years ago, black and white, me taller than the teacher!)

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job Beth!
Your kids are beautiful! I see you and your farm boy in
both of them.
Enjoy your day
Darlene N.

jeffsrose35 said...

They are growing so fast!!!!! Great job with the pictures.