Friday, May 27, 2016


***Re-posting of my 5/23/16 chart correction, but UPDATED 5/27/16 to clarify some mis-understanding: please read, even if you already saw the original post***

There are no missing pages. There is no chart recall or chart re-issue.
The inner grid on the basket (where Parchment is charted) and the entire flag pole (where Old Hickory is charted) should both be stitched with Pecan Pie.

So sorry for the mistake!

Any charts purchased directly from me starting 5/23 will be completely correct, but the charts already sold to distributors, shops, and direct sales will have the error.

When I first started designing Grand Old Flag, it had another portion to it that also included Pecan Pie and I had decided to incorporate it into the basket and bouquet while I was stitching it, but forgot to alter the chart. Later, when I simplified the pattern and removed the other portion to avoid having a drum that was entirely too big, I completely missed that I hadn't put in all of the correct colors.

I do think that it will still look great if stitched the way the first batch of charts came out, but if you want it to look just like the model, you will need to make the simple change listed above.

Oh, and FYI... the portion that I removed will be released next month as the first installment in a brand new alphabet series. It is called, "O is for Old Glory".

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