Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Trust in Chariots... New Release for June

My Sister-in-Law is the one to whom I give all the credit of my love for samplers. Until I met her I was like most West Coastians and didn’t know much about Early American folk art. I knew how to cross-stitch, and had enjoyed the craft in my early years, but had grown disenchanted because of the perceived lack of designs that I found appealing. I had yet to discover the vast trove of patterns available on the world wide web, you see, and instead relied on the very limited availability of crafting supplies in my area.

Enter Jennifer with her love for Early American antiques and folk art, along with a good dose of encouragement as I explored the history of samplers and began to venture into the world of design.

Until recently, I had nearly forgotten her own long-ago self-designed and stitched sampler. But as I was walking through her new home, I saw it through new eyes, and was struck by its folky and primitive appeal. Knowing that you would agree with me, I asked if she would let me release it for her under my label.

She finished the model enough years ago, that the original floss colors and linen used have been forgotten, so I charted it to the best of my ability, relying on the photo I had taken of the sampler and my knowledge of standard floss colors.

Stitch Count: 129 x 211
Model stitched on unidentified linen.

Using DMC flosses: 420, 433, 676, 926, 930, 3064, 3371, ecru

The frame is an antique.

This pattern is now available in my etsy shop and also directly through me via email (


Ruth said...

Lveo it love it love it!!!!!!!! Give Jennifer a realy big thank you for all of us :)

Stitching by the White River said...

I will love it ,great work.

Hazel said...

It's lovely. One of my favourite scriptures. So so relevant right now. x

Dora said...

A beautiful the blue colors. Maybe both of you can collaborate on a future design together...

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a beautiful sampler!