Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Chart... Scottish Band Sampler

I've had this antique sampler for a few years now, meaning to chart it and share. Yes, it is quite damaged, missing a good portion of its stitches, having travelled countless miles and lived a life of unknown adventures.

Rather than fill in the missing stitches, I chose to chart it as is, leaving it up to your imagination and choosing whether you reproduce her with the lost stitches, or fill in the gaps as you imagine she originally looked.
Click here to be directed to a free downloadable pdf charted version of this lovely tattered old sampler.

It is charted for colors, as close to the originals as I could manage (if you want to make an authentic reproduction, you will need to stitch with wool), but please, by all means, change the scheme to suit your own tastes!

This antique sampler was the inspiration for my Christmas Band Sampler, which I released last month.

Add your name and date to your sampler... or don't... it is completely up to you.

I'm sure the original stitcher wouldn't mind; I like to think that she would be thrilled to know that anyone at all has been inspired by her original stitches to create something all their own. And since her own initials and date have disappeared from her fabric, it might make her happy to know you cared enough to fill in the missing blanks.

So, off you go... download the chart, spread the word to your stitching friends, challenge each other to be creative, send me photos of your completed work, and start checking the Heartstring Samplery Finish Blog to see how many different ways it is translated!

As always, I would be very grateful if you gave credit to me if you post photos or links anywhere online, or offer your finished goods up for sale.


teri said...

Thank you.

Ashley said...

Nice! Thanks so much!

Giovanna said...

Thank you so much for this gift!

Dora said...

Thank you. A fun, challenging, different and unique finish it will be.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully sweet thing to offer! I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you so much, Beth. And by the way, while I'm here (I'm a blogless lurker), I must tell you that your photos are amazing. I so enjoy peeking in every day to see what new sights there might be.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

VERY cool! I just saved it!


Joy said...

How nice of you to share such a lovely chart. I must get started on the Christmas band it!

Emmanuelle said...

Many thanks for sharing that wonderful pattern! It's quite moving, seeing how it has suffered throughout the centuries, but is still here today though! I could not find the date, I suppose it's missing, but have you any idea of it? These band samplers are usually quite old.