Tuesday, January 19, 2016

*Updated* *NEW* Sarah Boothman (a Faithfully Reproduced Antique Sampler)

*YIKES!* I was just reminded by my model stitcher that she wasn't able to finish the flowers in the lower right bouquet because she ran out of the Country Redwood. I managed to note on the chart that you will need 2 skeins, but I completely forgot to stitch those darn flowers before framing and photographing... and RELEASING IT to the public!!! The flowers are there on the chart, the threads called for are correct; it is just the cover photo that is wrong. I'll add a picture of the antique to the bottom of this post for reference, but it might be a few days before I have time to add the stitches and re-shoot the cover photo.

**A few of you have asked... the large motif at the bottom center of the sampler is a BUTTERFLY (or perhaps a large moth)!
When I found this charming and na├»ve sampler in an online auction I didn’t pay much attention to the dimensions of the framed piece. When it arrived from across the pond (England), I was shocked at the size of the box. It was only upon pulling it out of its packaging that I realized that it was stitched on coarse homespun linen. The nearest I could find on the market is a lovely soft 20 count linen put out (thankfully) by Weeks Dye Works.

Finished size when stitched on this count is a generous 20 by 23, and stitched with just one thread over two as was done on the original. This might test all of your sensibilities as a stitcher, but I promise you won’t be disappointed! The finished reproduction is almost mistakable as the original.

As was done on the antique sampler, some of the called for threads are wool, while the bulk of the stitches are with cotton. If you don’t want the experience of cross-stitching with wool, feel free to convert to the same color name in cotton by The Gentle Art. The look will be slightly different, but overall effect will be the same.

Stitch Count: 182 x 224
Model stitched with 1 thread over 2 (yes!) on Weeks Dye Works’ 20ct. Straw

Using flosses from Classic Colorworks: Wilderness

And from The Gentle Arts’ Wool Collection: Midnight, Black Crow, Barn Grey, Cidermill Brown, Apple Cider, Roasted Marshmallow, Endive, Ruby Slipper

And from The Gentle Arts’ Cotton Collection: Country Redwood (2 skeins), Brandy, Antique Rose, Pomegranate, Lexington Green, Mountain Mist, Old Hickory, Caramel Corn, Endive

And from Weeks Dye Works: Fathom, Kudzu, Sweet Potato

Conversion to DMC available on request.

The frame was found at a thrift store and refinished by me.

This design is now available in my etsy shop, and will be going out to my distributors and the shops on my automatic shipments list soon. If you prefer to bypass etsy and order directly through me, you can send me an email: beth@heartstringsamplery.com

A photo of the antique (They are so large that I just couldn't make a good photo for the cover that included them both)...


Sherry said...

Beautiful and I love the colorful birds! Gives the piece a Springtime look!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Its beautiful!

Lana Manis said...

This is beautiful, Beth! I love how old all your samplers look... you are a wonderful artist!

Unknown said...

Beth, this sampler is so appealing to me...the simplicity, the birds, the colors, the size! 20 count and one thread...it looks amazing. Just ordered it from your Etsy shop:)

Penny said...


Tempus fugit said...

That's a pity, I think DMC conversion should be available in the chart without having to ask for it. Stitchers like to use threads of their choice, not necessarily the brand(s) indicated.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

This is just a beautiful sampler Beth and I have to say, I don't think I've ever liked a reproduction better than the orig. piece, but I sure do in this case. Amazing!