Friday, August 19, 2011

The Bait

A week ago, I mentioned a free exclusive chart that I would send off to anyone who participated in My Heartstring Around the World contest.

I finally finished stitching the model... want to see?

I was so proud of myself it was ridiculous, the day I wrote the little poem. It just came to me, and sounds so much like the fatalistic sayings we find on those old school girl samplers... Poor little girls, stuck in parlors and classrooms, stitching poems about their bones rotting, and early death, and wondering if their sampler was the only way by which they would be remembered.

My poem reads:

With a needle I sew'd my heart
on a piece of linnen

T'wil linger here
still Bright and Clear
when I am gone to Heav'n

I signed my sampler with a fictional name, Star Felicity Jamison, and a date 1836, but if you were to end up with this exclusive chart, you could freely replace the name with your own. There is a heart of course, some tulips and bell flowers, a peony and a bird. I finished the model quite simply, with hem-stitched edges, and pinned it to my work basket.

All you need to do, to get a free copy of this chart, is send me a photo to add to my growing collection. A photo of my blog header live at a location you like. If you don't have a portable computing device or smartphone, see if you can recruit a friend who does, to help you out. I myself am limited to just my PC, so I can relate to your inability to take the internet with you. Get creative! Have one of your friends pull up my blog at your stitching group, pose the group with my blog header, and I'll let you share the chart with them. Take me to the beach, the mall, the library, the pick-up line at the end of the school day, wherever...



Theresa said...

Wow!!! What a great idea and your stitch is beautiful!!! You'll be getting a photo from me soon. I just need to think of a good spot to take my photo. :0)

Jeanne said...

It turned out great - love the verse. I'm sure you're going to be flooded with emails! Nice job!