Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Family Visitors

We were blessed to have a visit this past week from Matt's Uncle Mike and Aunt Maddie Twist. We had three delicious family dinners with much laughter and bonding time. A highlight was watching our Boy and his 4 year old cousin truly playing with each other for the first time; up until now, they have really only played next to each other. Even if that playing together was quite loud and involved running around and around the connected circle of rooms in our house, chasing each other!

Group photo:

The kiddos sharing the end of the table:

Sittin' on the porch swing:


Dena said...

Great family photo! Special to have such a visit; I bet it's fun for you to watch Jack learn to play! Your house and land look beautiful!

joann renee said...

That picture of Jack in the porch swing makes me want to simply squeeze him...I'll be headed over your neck o' the woods May 11th...perhaps then?